A 3-foot by 5-foot example of the Prinz Table

Prinz Tables

The Prinz Table features a playing surface that can be easily covered giving the appearance of a normal Dining Room Table.

Enjoy a gaming space where you don’t need to lose your game play to do something else. The Prinz Table is the ultimate “Pause” button for tabletop gaming.

(Photo credit: Fagan Studios)

A 3-foot by 5-foot example of the Prinz Table

A 3-foot by 5-foot example of the Prinz Table

The Prinz Table is a multi-purpose, entry-level Gaming Table. Made of solid Hickory hard wood, in any size desired (we recommend a maximum width of six feet, to allow most gamers to easily reach the center of the Gaming Well; Prinz Tables longer than 12-feet, will need to be broken into sections, for structural purposes).

The only parts which are not solid Hickory wood, are the Game Well sub-surface (clear-coated, quality 1/4” plywood), and the Gaming Well Sub-structure (Poplar; capable of supporting 200 pounds — not recommended, but it is capable of it).

The removable Leaves are also made of solid Hickory, providing a beautiful Dining Room Table. Note that the Leaves and Table may be stained any color desired, or they may be left the natural color of the Hickory, with just a clear-coat, as shown. The clear-coat shows off the beautiful characteristic grain patterns of the marvelous Hickory.

Beautiful Hickory legs support Your battles!

Beautiful Hickory legs support Your battles!

The L-shaped Table legs are made of solid Hickory, providing a secure, and incredibly strong support. Not only will they support your epic battlefields, they will also support your Thanksgiving Turkey — in style, and elegance. The Prinz Table is a multi-purpose work-horse. It can serve as a desk, a crafting table, and so much more. All the while, standing as a testament to beauty, style, and elegance, which is timeless.

This is Hickory -- full of character, and charm!

This is Hickory -- full of character, and charm!

Each piece of Hickory is specially chosen by our Master Carpenter, Mr. Davis, for its unique beauty, and characteristic charm. As seen here, there are no ‘Plain Jane’ boards in any Prinz Table… The Hickory is shown here with five clear-coats of outdoor quality lacquer. However, the Hickory can be stained any color desired. Five coats of clear, non-yellowing, outdoor-grade, lacquer are applied to every piece, over stained parts as well, to provide a tough sealant, which will last decades.

We only use Hickory wood because of its phenomenal strength (10x stronger than Oak!), hardness, and its ability to absorb any color stain. We offer many colors to choose from, with the option to stain the entire Prinz Table one color, or you can choose to stain the Leaves one color, and the Table another color, or we can just apply the outdoor quality clear lacquer, to let the beauty of the wood grain shine

To examine what colors of stain we offer, please order one of our Color Chip Packs, featuring 4-inch squares of Hickory stained, and Clear-Coated, to see what your Prinz Table will look like, when it is installed in your home.

No matter your color choices, your Prinz Table will be the center of attention when guests arrive. It will be able to withstand the rigors of a century of use, every day, as a dining room table, and a battlefield!. This is a family heirloom your descendants will fight over — maybe buy several, to avoid issues?

In all seriousness, we suggest giving one of these multi-purpose Tables to your college students: during college, it will serve as their dining room Table, work desk, and a Gaming Table for their weekend fun. Once they graduate college, it will continue to serve them, and their future family, as the centerpiece for their meals together, as well as their family Gaming Table that keeps them playing together for years to come. Eventually, they can pass it on to their heirs, and the cycle will continue, far into the distant future.

Custom mats inserted into the Game Well...

Custom mats inserted into the Game Well...

The Game Well’s edges are routed to allow custom game mats to be inserted beneath the Game Well Walls, for a seamless fit! Playing a space battle? Insert a professionally made, Ice Planet Hoth mat (shown above). Playing in a desert? Insert a brown ground cloth, or custom-cut carpet mat, with rocky terrain, cactus, and desert trees, to complete your battlefield!

Whatever type of battlefield is needed, the Prinz Table can accommodate your desires. We offer one carpet mat, of choice, included in the base price, to get you started. We also include a tool for stroking your mat flat, pushing your mat’s edges into the routed recesses for that perfect, custom-fit appearance.

Solid Hardwood Dining Room Table?  Yes, and more...

Solid Hardwood Dining Room Table? Yes, and more...

With the Leaves in place, your Prinz Table will appear to be a normal, high quality, solid hardwood Dining Room Table. Beautiful. quality workmanship — your friends and family will comment on your magnificent Table

Meanwhile, beneath the Leaves, rests your game, in progress, just waiting for its players to return!

As shown, the Leaves may be stained one color, while the Table is stained another color, or just clear-coated. No matter what color scheme you choose, your Prinz Table will be a wolf in sheep’s clothing. Pray that it does not howl, when guests are around…

As shown above, this 3-foot by 5-foot Prinz Table is priced at $1,000 + Shipping and Handling. Please compare this price to a traditional, solid hardwood, dining table at your local furniture stores. We think you will see just what an incredible bargain the Prinz Table really is! We believe you will come back to us for your custom quote…