About Tables by Davis, LLC

Established in 2018.

First Kickstarter (TbD’s Heirloom Dice Towers) successfully run, completed, and delivered, one month ahead of schedule, for the made-to-order Exotic Wood Dice Towers!


Shawn Davis has been a professional carpenter and craftsman since 2002.

In 2015, a customer approached Mr. Davis about a custom gaming table. As the project progressed, Mr. Davis decided to specialize in custom gaming tables and accessories for both serious gamers and hobbyists. He developed the initial designs and underwent a refining process of over three years before bringing Tables by Davis to the marketplace in early 2018. 

Mr. Davis' attention to detail means our custom designs only incorporate the best features and elements, and we only use the finest materials.  Each piece of wood is personally selected by our Master Carpenter, himself. This ensures that each Dice Tower, or Custom Table, has the most beauty, character, and charm, possible. Customer satisfaction is guaranteed by Mr. Davis, himself.

Today, Tables by Davis offers a combination of innovation and craftsmanship to bring you exactly the table you need. We offer adjustable height tables at the touch of a button, custom-sized pull-out drawers for books, dice, pencils and other gaming accessories. 

Need ideas?  Have some thing specific in mind? We're here to help. Send us a note today to get started on your custom project.